Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ April 30-May 6

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!
This week/weekend I spent a lot of time outside…and not just running (= which makes me even happier. Since it was morel mushroom season, I went mushroom hunting Friday night. So peaceful and relaxing spending some time out there alone…and oh, if you were wondering if I found any?!?!? The answer would be no, not one single mushroom…bummer…I know right!
Of course I ran my mini marathon on Saturday, but more about this in a post all by itself. I’m going to need that much space=)
I went fishing with Isaac on Sunday afternoon…we had so much fun!!!!! I caught the only fish, but we had so much fun sitting on the bank casting our lines, surrounded by violets. It was almost magical. He’s the most fun to hang out with.
Last night I was out really late (along with my parents and Isaac) unloading top soil, from the truck bed, into our garden and new raised beds (made by my dad). We laughed and joked together the entire time.  When we weren’t “oohing and aahing” over the fantastic soil…it was so black and full of worms=) Mom and I threw around ideas on what, when, and where we will be planting our veggies this year. Isaac and dad were just interested in the basketball game that was playing. Lasting memories with some of my wonderful family members…

Day 120
why why why?????? every time I have a photo that concerns the sky it never cooperates. Why did it have to be over cast? Why couldn’t the sun have just popped out for just one moment for my photo of the day?   IMG_0306-001

Day 121

Day 122
I have to say it…this is my favorite photo! and I won’t bore you with all my sentimental reasons why=)  I just love these paths!IMG_0357-001

Day 123
after I rode…Sam’s empty saddle IMG_0548-001

Day 124

Day 125
~on my desk~IMG_0620-001

Day 126
Today I saw the most adorable goose family…look at these fuzzy babies!!!! I could totally take them all home=) IMG_0656-001

Please let me know which photo is your favorite=)
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  1. Good pictures! My favorites are ~today~ (CUTE!!!) :) and ~On My Desk~ That was a neat shot!

    1. Thanks Grace...."today" is adorable. I was going to dinner with Jonathan and he stopped his truck and was like "take a picture of them"=) gotta love a brother like that...a brother who'll stop for a picture.

  2. Oh! I also like ~Empty~ and ~Path~ :) I like them all:)

  3. My favorite is definitely the empty saddle! I wish I could have filled it! :) That is such a cool shot. Not to mention I loove horses. I also like the cute baby geese. Great job. We did the word colorful this week also! Looking forward to your next post. :) ~Hannah

    1. I know how you feel...there was a day when I would have given anything to have a horse...I'm so thankful for mine now! Thanks so much Hannah, I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.

  4. I think I recognize that saddle! :)

    My favorite photography-wise is the "On My Desk" shot. Very creative. But the little geese are just way too cute. :)

    1. Yeah maybe=) lol thanks Kristina,

  5. Oh, and ever since you mentioned it was last Saturday, I've been waiting to hear all about the marathon. I did a half a couple years ago with Daniel and some friends. We didn't do an official one; we just marked out the distance and had our own. Best memories ever!

    1. So cool! I bet that was a very special time to share with your brother...memories are something no one can ever take away=) I will have a post up soon about my marathon. Kristina thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, I love your comments!

  6. I really enjoyed this post!! I do not know for sure which one I like better out the last five! I can't wait to see your next post!

  7. I love the geese though