Wednesday, May 28, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ May 21-May 27


10 things I learned about myself this week

1. Pennies the best smelling flower to me

2. When my mom’s sick or hurt the house literally stops revolving

3. If I’d slow down in the kitchen I wouldn’t cut myself near as often

4. If I stop tasting the tea right after pouring it, I wouldn’t burn my tongue

5. Chicago’s Pizza has the best pizza ever! I’m literally in love…

6. I have to run at least a mile a day to feel good emotionally

7. If I’m the least bit depressed ride my bike, sure cure

8. The movie Pollyanna makes me glad    PERIOD.

9. Some bugs gross me out so bad I almost start crying…and could if I let myself

10. I absolutely love late night talks with Christina in the dark


Day 141

~up high~IMG_1429-001

Day 142


I got this ornament from one of my best friends…it’s absolutely lovely IMG_1442-001

Day 143


I was so scared to go to this meeting with my investment consultant…but it actually wasn’t half that bad.IMG_1467-001

Day 144


it took me forever to figure out how to do this square again…IMG_1678-001

Day 145

~a tool I used~

on Sunday dad and the boys left for their memorial day weekend fishing trip. I decided to grill some deer stake and potatoes and onions. I burnt the potatoes, but the girls seemed to enjoy it….anyway=)IMG_1699-001

Day 146

~sunshine~ IMG_1741-001

Day 147


riding my bike is the happiest thing in the world for me to do…I feel so cheerful when I get back=)IMG_1995-001

What’s something you do that just makes you happy?

Happy Wednesday=)



  1. Great job Olivia! I think my favorites are ~Up High~ I think that was a neat shot! And I also like the ~square~ It looks like it turned out great!! Some things I do that make me happy are... Listening to music! Reading/writing a letter to a friend or from a friend. Reading books, and looking at your blog:) and many more things ;)

  2. Victoria AthertonMay 28, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    Love the "square" picture and the grilling picture... The deer was amazing, by the way :) Nice pictures!