Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ April 22-29

Last week I had the flu…not a cold like I thought, so now I have that nasty cough – that’s very persistent. I had to cancel my marathon training last Thursday and Saturday…something I’ve not done since my training began 10 weeks ago…but then again I haven’t been sick at all during those weeks. Something I barely even noticed but should be so thankful to God for. I was completely out of commission on Thursday and Friday, I worked my normal 9 hour days anyway, but I was miserable. On Sunday I enjoyed a four mile walk with Christina and felt a bit weak afterwards…but I felt great yesterday so I worked out with my brother last night and I feel so well today I’m going to run 6 miles tonight.
My marathon is this Saturday!!!! MAY 3 is the big day! I’m super excited and secretly scared all mixed together. It should be a great experience for me and one that I will never forget.

Day 113

Day 114
~grateful for…~
I’m grateful for the garden dirt, so I can watch the miracle of growth again this year. IMG_9830-001

Day 115
I’m so embarrassed about this photo. I was so sick that day and couldn’t think of anything to go with the word hidden. So I took a picture of Victoria’s yogurt hidden (not really) in the back of the fridge. Now that I feel 100% I can think of a million things to take a picture of that would describe that word perfectly. Whatever lets just act like this never happened…=I yeah thanks guys=)IMG_9831-001

Day 116
Every flower is unique and different from all the other flowers, just like us humans. IMG_9833-001

Day 117
~a talent~
Isaac is really really good at basketball…and I’m not just saying that because I’m his sister…he can dunk! (if that doesn’t help prove my point) He’s got raw talent and plays a very intense game, that’s very enjoyable to watch.IMG_9834-001

Day 118
my dad was relaxing last evening, drinking tea and talking to my mom.IMG_9835-001

Day 119
~11:00 am~
At 11:00 am I was entering the employee hours into this book. IMG_9836-001

Being sick kinda destroyed my weekend plans and made my week very uneventful. But I I’m better now!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great photos Olivia. The flower is my favorite.

  2. Victoria AthertonApril 30, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    I love the picture of Isaac with the basketball goal!!! I think that one is my favorite :) I also like the one of the yogurt... just because ;)

    1. haha you would=) yeah Isaac with the basketball is a pretty cool shot, if I would say so myself=)

  3. Mashed potatoes and green besns

  4. I am glad you are better!! my favs for this week are ~Tasty~ and ~Grateful for~

    1. Thanks Faith...I am too=) thanks for sharing you thought on my photos!

  5. Hannah AthertonMay 5, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    Love picture 5. Isaac looks amazing! :)