Wednesday, April 2, 2014

~Photo-a-day~ Mar. 26–April 1

The end of March is a busy birthday party time for my family. Christina turned 22 on the 26th. My mom turned the big six O  on the 31st. And Hannah’s birthday was yesterday and she turned 25=)
The highlight of my busy weekend was taking Christina out for a supposed dinner, for her birthday, with just me, Saturday night. When she walked in the door she was surprised to see her employer, his wife and all the girls she works for/with at the Amish bakery on Saturdays. They planned this for her birthday and they surprised her good…she like almost started crying. The evening was full of laughter and good food.
Christina and I planned a party for my mom Sunday night in celebration of her 60th birthday. She wanted a quiet birthday with just family…all the kids showed up but Victoria (she was tied up on a movie shoot-as caterer and couldn’t make it). We had so much fun! Playing games and just enjoyed each others company. All ten of us kids wrote down our favorite memory with mom. Then we each read a memory, but not our own, and my mom had to guess which kids it was=) And she guessed most of them correctly. We played many more games and topped the night off with a walk, in the fading daylight…
Hannah wanted a very small quiet party and we had just that…it was so nice. Only the kids living at home were there. So small and I almost would venture to say it was more fun. Hannah has that kind of light personality that makes everyone feel at ease.

Day 85
this is what my work desk looks like….phone and everything=)IMG_8323-001

Day 86
nothing is prettier than horses running….IMG_8581-001

Day 87

Day 88
~I bought…~
I bought lipstick….=)IMG_8682-001

Day 89
These were the “cupcakes” I made for my mom’s party. She’s a health nut so these are made with carob, not chocolate. She loved them…this was the first time I had ever made them. Everyone ate several of them each, so I suppose they tasted all right. IMG_8750-001

Day 90
mom wonderful mom turned 60!IMG_8915-001 
Day 91
Taking pictures of Hannah on her birthday. Things got wild! we had so much fun together taking these.IMG_9081-001

I’ve been super busy with all the party’s and now there over so I can go back to normal life and saving money=) Having that many birthdays together can get expensive.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. your mom does not look a day past 30 to me. happy Birthday Hannah!! Now those cupcakes. Those look delish and the picture makes me want to reach out and get one. Great pictures Olivia

    1. Thank you so much! I'm with you on that one...she doesn't look her age and believe me she doesn't act it either. Thanks I think they looked wonderful...I'm off of sweets at the moment so I wasn't able to taste them, but the kids told me they were wonderful=)

  2. My favorites are the horses running and the cupcakes. Tell your Christina, your Mom, and Hannah Happy Birthday!

    1. I definitely will tell them! It seems like those two pictures are a running favorite aren't they?!?!?

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  4. Great post Olivia! I liked all the pictures a lot! Happy Birthday to Hannah, Christina and your mom:) The picture of the horses is really nice! Also the picture of the flowers is nice. I like the picture of Hannah it looked very summery (if that's a word) :)

    1. Thank you Gracie...I really appreciate your thoughtful comments=) I will tell them! Yeah let's just both agree that summery is a word....I took a lot of pictures of her on her birthday and plan to share them in a later blog post favorite is the flower picture also=)

  5. You did good this week! I love the horses running!! They are so beautiful! I really like the angle on the lipstick, and the carob cakes. Nice job. Also say Happy birthday to everyone for me! ;) ~Hannah

    1. I will tell them you said Happy Birthday! =) There isn't anything more beautiful in the world to me than horses running.

  6. Linda bakes with carob as well because it's safe for Jinx. (That's the dog) She gets a carob cupcake, cookie, etc. for her birthday. Great photos, I like the horses as well.

    1. Awe I never thought about giving it to the dogs...we love it too much to share it=) But now that I think about it, I'm sure my horse would like it very much!

  7. Victoria AthertonApril 3, 2014 at 5:15 PM

    Oh my lands!!! Sounds like such a fun weekend for you all :) Wish I could have been there :'( I really like the picture of the cupcakes as well as the one flower. Are those flowers actually still blooming? :) That's AMAZING!!!