Friday, February 20, 2015

SUNDAY: stuffed peppers for dinner…

So last Sunday I made stuffed peppers out of this Italian guy’s cook book. He plays racquetball with my dad and when he finished this huge book, he told my dad - who promptly bought a copy. (check out a picture of it herevery last photo of the week) I’ve been waiting to make something out of this book for a lonnnng time and finally just broke down and did it. As a true Italian all the recipes are full of garlic and wine…and a lot of red pepper, haha. I love the way he writes out his recipes, so easy to follow and understand=)

IMG_8691I also made these garlic biscuits to go with my peppers. But I made mine with ww flour…and they were still good. My dad I think liked these better than the “hot” stuffed peppers=)IMG_8692IMG_8695 I substituted the veal in this recipe for just totally sausage and my family loved them=)  They were so lovely=) If I do say so myself. All the stores around me have hard parmesan cheese on recall, for some reason, so I got the “freshly” shredded parmesan to put in these, I know it wasn’t quite the same - but hey what do you do?!?!?IMG_8699For dessert I made these delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. They were a bit on the heavy side due to the honey I added instead of sugar…but they were good=) and I could have eased up a bit on the carob chips, I added way too many!IMG_8706

Every Sunday I’m trying to make something completely new and foreign to my families taste buds. Gives me a chance to experiment and my mom gets a break from the kitchen…I still need to post about my enchiladas, they were a huge success!

Happy Friday!!!!!

and I hope you’re weekend is as fun as mine is going to be…I leave this morning for Tennessee to celebrate my brother’s 20th birthday=)



  1. Going to see you on the food network one of these days am sure. Looks delish Olivia

    1. haha sure!!! I love to bake and take pictures of my creations but I think I'm far from being on the food network...