Thursday, February 12, 2015

casey crocker’s Chocolate Cake

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday…so for this month Casey made chocolate cake=) which also doubled for her birthday cake that she also celebrates at the beginning of this month. (check out her bday post over on her blog)

IMG_8451Our afternoon together was almost cancelled due to a threatening winter storm…which didn’t happen at all, I’m sure this added to the happiness of all those Super Bowl celebrators out there. But at Casey’s house – all of us, Carl included, are non celebrators. Like we’re the people that hope that both teams lose=)  I ended up just driving in a bit of rain to her house and whew was I ever glad, I look forward to our monthly visit and the prospect of maybe not being to do it or reschedule it was very disappointing.IMG_8432IMG_7827IMG_7838IMG_7840By far this was the most fantastic time we’ve had together. Have I said that before? oh well I’ll probably say it every time…hehe! As we continue this adventure together our friendship is growing more and more…which is a good thing…but for our Casey Crocker sessions I’m not so sure. We are so interested in catching up with each other she cooks faster and I forget to take pictures=) Like she added a cup of coffee to this recipe, but did I get a picture of it? no!IMG_7842IMG_7851IMG_7868IMG_7888IMG_7874IMG_7927IMG_7935IMG_7937IMG_7946IMG_7993IMG_8001IMG_8003IMG_8029Oh and we both were able to use our crafty sides (well mainly it was all Casey) and make a banner for the cake and a heart runner for the table. Talking about life while waiting on the other to finish with the, single, pair of scissors, haven’t we all done this…at least one time? it was so fun! IMG_7835IMG_8053IMG_8054IMG_8109IMG_8068IMG_8082The house smelled so wonderful!!!! Casey and I were just taking our time surrounded with card stock, tape and string while we waiting for them to cool, completely. Carl comes around the corner and was like “it’s cool, enough.” haha someone was pretty hungry for chocolate cake=)IMG_8095IMG_8119IMG_8143IMG_8145IMG_8154IMG_8176Perfect!!!! so lovely!!!IMG_8232IMG_8249-2IMG_8314IMG_8338IMG_8330IMG_8354IMG_8356IMG_8397IMG_8399IMG_8444Sooooo Carl (who was so impatient to taste this wonderful smelling cake) was given the honor of being the first to taste this fabulous creation of his wife. BTW he loved it!IMG_8461IMG_8488Annnnnddd since it’s Valentines Day WHY NOT make a mini couple shoot of it?!?!?IMG_8499My heart is melting!!! =)IMG_8511IMG_8514IMG_8471IMG_8520

I took a piece home because of my evening (doctor’s suggested) restriction of sweets. And I ate it for breakfast (no judgment please=) y’all know you would have too. And Casey it was excellent!

So hurry over to Casey’s blog and get the recipe…

Happy Thursday!!! and I hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful and everything that you hoped it would be.




  1. I am sure it tasted as good as it looked. Nothing wrong with chocolate cake for breakfast!

    1. You are absolutely so sweet=) thanks it was amazing!!!!!!!

    2. always enjoy your cooking posts Olivia

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! This cake looks super good! My sister Grace made us some really good red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little chocolate hearts. They were super delicious, and pretty! (Red velvet is chocolate cake dyed red.) She made several dozen so we shared with our friends and neighbors, plus mom said we could have some for breakfast. ;) Love ya!