Monday, February 2, 2015

cranberry pie with thick pecan crumble

Mom had this bag of cranberries in the fridge, a few weeks ago that were beginning to spoil. And she mentioned to the wrong person (myself…haha) that she didn’t have time to do anything with them. So that Saturday evening when most of my family was at one of Isaac’s basketball game I decided to give it a go…

…and I actually did it, I made cranberry pie!!!!! (I used this recipe) I made the pie crust! and it turned out wonderful, (in that my dad actually liked it=) I did the entire cold butter and water method…And this time instead of cutting off the extra around the edge I folded it back in over itself just like the recipe encouraged. And the visual effects of following this tip, after it baked, were so rewarding. IMG_7778IMG_7781Of course I substituted some of the ingredients…sugar with honey (the typical Atherton practice) But mostly I it was made according to the recipe used=) And my family loved the slightly tart, yet sweet taste of it.IMG_7796-2Only Victoria and Christina were home when I made this pie…so having the rest of the kids guess what kind of berry it was was so fun=) Mainly they thought it was cherry and dad was the only one who said after awhile of guessing, “it’s not cranberry, no it can’t be cranberry pie”….haha that was so worth it! IMG_7798-2IMG_7805-2So they all agreed it tasted more like cherry pie…I loved the pecan crumble on top. So that’s the part I ate of my piece, gave the rest to Isaac…haha poor guy, he really has a hard time in a house full of girls. IMG_7811My mom – just walked into my room and sitting on my sister’s bed proceeded to watch as I put this post together…she commented again on how good this pie was. While walking out my door, just a moment ago she said, “you should really make that pie again, sometime….soon.”

Happy Monday! I hope your week is wonderful!



  1. I am not a big cranberry guy but I would give this a try. Looks delish Olivia!

  2. Looks really good!! Looking at it I would have guessed cherry not cranberry :) The pie looks very clean and nice!

    1. Thanks Grace I'm super proud of this pie=)

  3. I don't think I've ever had a cranberry pie, but when I picture trying yours, I picture loving it! Yours looks liked it's cooked perfectly too; golden brown on top and softer in the middle.