Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas (part 2)


As promised here’s pictures from the rest of our wonderful Christmas=)

I started my morning out very normal…workout etc. and then I drove over to feed my horses. I fed alone, not wanting to make Christina and Isaac to have to wake up early on Christmas morning. It’s bad enough that I’m a morning person.=)

IMG_3709-001Right before opening gifts…it take’s forever to get us all smiling and to stop talking all at once=) I love my family so much!


IMG_3650-001this picture is so Hannah

IMG_3653-001me and my wonderful brother

IMG_3656-001The nameless cat that Joseph rescued

IMG_3678-001yep Hannah’s doing dishes yet again




IMG_3686-001Dad trying Christina’s instant cider

IMG_3740-001look at that face!

IMG_3729-001Mom after she opened my gift to her…a camera! I know I rock…lol

IMG_3758-001Dad’s after he opened the gift I got him…=) did I say I love Christmas?!?!?

IMG_3767-001Isaac with the Cabela’s rug I got him…=) all smiles

IMG_3770-001Jonathan liked his gift as well…

IMG_3778-001I love her <3

I love Christmas! And this year was no exception, I think we all were a bit nervous coming up to Christmas in a new house…but it was awesome! And all of our traditions held secure and didn’t feel unnatural at all=)

So that finishes up our Christmas celebration pictures, hope you enjoyed.


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  1. I enjoyed looking at the glimpse of your Christmas! :)
    Happy New Year!!!