Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One of the best Thanksgivings ever!

Cold and early are just a few words that describe this morning run. I pulled Christina out of bed to go freeze and take the before and after pictures of me…it was 20 degrees – not bad, I know -  unless you have to ummmm…run in it=) When I started my feet were completely numb with cold, they thawed out by mile two and I felt great the rest of the run. Check out the Drumstick Dash here…they have a very neat mission and touch a lot of lives. Some of the best miles I’ve ever run…it was a little over four miles.


& AFTERIMG_1926-001

This was just the beginning to an absolutely perfect day…mom had pulled all of the books out about the history of Thanksgiving (brought back so many memories of past Thanksgivings) The meal was a killer, smoked turkey and all the fixings… so yummy! I can still taste it=)

My wonderful mom who worked so hard to make this day a success…I love her so much! The perfect role model. IMG_1928-001

Hannah getting a head start on the mounds of dishes…before we ate=)IMG_1931-001

Christina made all the pies, I can’t get over dads face expression in this one=)IMG_1933-001

Sitting around waiting on Jonathan to arrive…IMG_1940-001

Pre-meal checker game…IMG_1945-001

Yeast RoLLs, and they taste even better than they look=)IMG_1953-001

Our meal=)IMG_1969-001

Isaac-always the happiest when he is eating…IMG_1982-001

JT and Max just couldn’t wait to play Lagos…forget the food=) IMG_1987-001


And we did the normal skeet shoot..when through a lot of rounds and shot a ton of clay pigeons.IMG_2040-001




Very cold…but still not too cold to text=)IMG_2134-001


We had a 300 piece puzzle contest…me and Joseph came in last=( Mom and Samuel won!=)IMG_2293-001

We ended the day with a game of Catch Phrase and the watched “The Sound of Music” Perfect ending to a perfect day=) This will always be a Thanksgiving I will look back on and smile. So many good memories combined into one day.

How was your Thanksgiving?



  1. That Thanksgiving feast looks wonderful and beautiful pictures of all your holiday adventure.