Friday, September 20, 2013

My brother….

While dancing with him during this dance I was amazed at how much my little brother has grown up…HE’S 18 ALREADY!!!!!!

A great guy! We have had so many memories growing up together. Swimming in the river, riding horses, school, etc., I was always the one that had to go find Samuel whenever he disappeared…calm him down when he was mad and comfort him when he was down. Also I knew how best to make fun of him and what buttons to push to make him fighting mad. (yeah rotten, I know)

He’s turned into a charming young man…that smile will get him places=)


I hope he pursues his love for singing, he’s voice is very good. And he had the presence of mind to be excellent on stage…love listening to him perform.



Yep he’s my brother=)



  1. Great pictures. I really like that you have no grinding complaint about anything. You show love and support for your family and community.

  2. It is hard to believe that my little brothers will also be that age some day!! Just a reminder to enjoy them while they are young.