Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 11, 2013

September 11, 2001 seems like ages ago…hard to believe it’s been twelve years since that morning. My memory of that morning isn’t very clear, but I do remember when my family heard the news, we immediately joined hands and prayed for our country. I was scared not understanding exactly what had happened.

Watching the planes hit the towers later that night on TV. Hearing the people screaming, seeing some jump to their deaths, etc., shook me up a bit. George W. Bush reassuring Americans that they would do whatever was necessary to protect us…I believed him.

But one thing that I never questioned was that God would take care of my family.


My dad has always wanted a flag pole and American flag. He’s 61 and finally got his wish to come true. Called everyone outside after the concrete had dried completely, to watch the flag raising. He included the U.S. Marine flag under it…bonus=)





He just sat there and looked at it forever…all by himself. And I’ve caught him several times standing on the porch just looking at it. He said something like ‘’I’ve always wanted a flag pole” Gotta love your parents=)



  1. Great pictures! Like always. :)
    My Dad recently put a flag pole up also. It looks just like the one you guys have.

  2. Nice Pictures! Very Fitting for 9/11. Glad your dad finally got his wish:)