Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harvest time….

I love harvest time!!!

As a child the first day of combining was anticipated like Christmas and appeared like an old friend at our door. Seeing the combine emerge out of the trees at the end of the lane was always met with screams of joy by me and my siblings. Watching impatiently as the combine was slowly inspected by the farmers and FINIANLLY started. Smoke, black diesel, stained the air. Crawling forwards in the field the combine would begin his huge task. The air filled with chaff and harvest season had officially began…

Cool damp mornings, warming as the sun rises.

Pumpkin pies, digging sweet potatoes, apple butter and leaf raking…ahhh I love this season!

This year I was home when the farmer began combining the field nearest to our house. I watched from the window, my enthusiasm has since decreased, comes with age I guess. The next morning I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of the resting combine. making me late for work



I love this season so much that I went and bought an autumn scented candle for my office…so that I’m surrounded with this seasons’ smell even though I’m not at home. 



  1. I agree, I love Fall!! I really like the picture of the combine, with the trees and dust in the background.