Monday, October 21, 2013

Deer season is officially here=)

Even though it’s bow season and I won’t be going till mid November when gun season opens.  I’m excited! When the leaves begin to turn and the mornings turn crisp I’m so ready to go hunting.

It’s not really the “killing a deer” part that I go for and I’ve gone for two years with nothing. It just being out in God’s outdoors for hours on end…with no music, no other people, no cars…just you and the wind=) Ahhhh I love it!

Here’s Isaac getting ready to go last Friday morning. I had to get up and drop him off by 6:30, it wasn’t the getting up part but having to be ready for work by that time was a bit difficult for me, but I managed=) …so miss our old house where we just walked out the back door to go hunting.


He saw a several does and even a buck but none of them were open for a clean shot…but he was cheerful thankful for seeing what he did and is so ready to go again.


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