Friday, June 21, 2013

Pictures from the past...

     Here are some pictures from last year...I had just bought my camera. They are very random...All of these were taken during September of 2012.

My sister ran in a soldier 5k memorial run last year in Ohio, you guessed it American flags were everywhere...I went along to capture the moment=) That's one good thing about owning a are included in stuff you normally wouldn't be!

Simple beauty

This was taken on a moving trolly...but I still liked the magical look of it.

I want to be doing this when I'm their age!

Heart breakers=)

My brother Isaac...look at those arms

Samuel <3

Cute right?

There was fire fighter standing around while we were taking these and they told her to get in...wishing about this time that she was the one taking pictures of me...

I absolutely love jeeps!...there were so many and I took a lot of pictures of them but I'll spare you the pain of looking at them=)

Cool right?!?!
 photo B65CA3B1C6A0968D2D817F7063176B02_zpsd0982405.png

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