Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jonathan Tyler II 6th Birthday!

JT’s birthday party was loud like every party we have…=)


Dear JT,

Hey, this is your youngest aunt… It’s hard to believe your already 6! I remember holding you in my arms the day you were born…thinking how tiny your nose and hands were. I was only 14 then, hard to believe! I remember when you started walking, talking and all those fun things=)  But mostly what you and I have done together has included horses. You weren’t more than 6 months old when I took you on your first horse ride. Then you and your parents moved to Minnesota…I didn’t see much of you for a few years, except for that summer you spent in Indiana (living out of a suitcase) while your dad was working here. I have so many memories hiking in the woods with you. I remember once I got you all mixed up in the middle of the woods and then told you to take me home (you were 4 then). You set there for a minute thinking…   then took off walking, straight to the house. Swimming in the river, helping me make maple syrup, cooking. etc. Everything I do you always want to be there.  I loVe you so much! Hope your year is wonderful and full of God’s many blessings!

Aunt Viva=)


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