Friday, May 31, 2013

Our new house...becoming home more everyday

     Here it is...pretty cute actually! The inside is large and airy, at least for us it is. I'm starting to get used to "the sights and smells" of the place. An Amish buggy going by is normal...right? Not yet it isn't. Also our Amish neighbors are really friendly and drop by often just to sit and chat, really? It's taking a little bit to get used! Listening to cars go by at night is very different. Breaking the habit of bolting to the window when you hear a car is very hard. Where we used to live (in the middle of nowhere) if you heard a vehicle...they needed something with you or they weren't suppose to be there. 
     I had a dream the other night...and in it I was coming home from work...and you guessed it I went to the other house. Soooo...I think I need a little more time:) 

This was taken at dusk....

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