Monday, April 22, 2013

My Nephews...

    I just love these little guys...who wouldn't? Take this for instance...JT makes my mom (his grandma) promise to wake him from his nap when i get home from work. I walk into the house and he's sitting on the stairs rubbling his eyes, but he's up:) And he gives me a long sweaty hug...not awake enough yet to say anything.
    Max is the toughest little man...JT will see a worm and will tell Max to pick it up. And Max without hesitation always will. He's laugh when his daddy tickles him is can't help laughing yourself.

Walking with Grandpa



  1. Aww... cuties! I love that he makes sure he's up from his nap to give you a hello-hug. :)

  2. Family is everything. These are the days to always remember.